Board Emails Regarding Parent Letter

The emails attached below were sent to everyone on the board, as well as the three interim district administrators with regards to the email that was sent here.

Please note that 4 out of the 7 board members commented on this email. We are uncertain if the three administrators commented because we did not request those emails. When 4 out of 7 board members are discussing a board related matter, that can be considered a quorum and a meeting.

Read the board’s emails here. BoardEmails1

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Tennis Court Timeline

Below you will find a timeline of documentation taken from I-S School Board meeting agendas, minutes and excerpts from articles in the Waupaca County Post. Based on this information, my best guess is that the Tennis Association began fundraising after the December 2015 conditional approval. The board wasn’t concerned about the tennis courts for most of 2016, probably due to the upcoming referendum. At the October 10th board meeting, the Association mentions that they secured a sizeable donation on October 6th that allowed them to move forward with the project. The board is citing that the Association did not meet the October 1st deadline. If this is true, why did they allow them to move forward by clearing the land on October 10th? At which board meeting did the board decide that the tennis court location was no longer available? Continue reading “Tennis Court Timeline”

Lawyer Fees for I-S School District

As citizens of this community it is our right and obligation to hold the board accountable, just as it is their duty to inform the community of their actions. As public servants, it is critical that everything be done with integrity.
I have heard some people say that the reason the legal fees are so high is because of all of the questions that the community is asking to get answers with their open records request.
Please see the invoices that are included in this article. As you can see, most of the legal fees between October and December, 2016 are in reference to regular items that the school district deals with and the district administrator position and have nothing to do with open records request.
The January 2017 invoice for legal fees does include some open records requests. Please note that on January 3, 2017 there is a charge for $1,870, which mentions the following: Review and respond to correspondence from Ms. Hoyord regarding public records request. Attend board meeting. 
Since the lawyer is in Madison and attended the January 3, 2017 Special Board Meeting, the majority of the $1,870 is for her travel time, as well as time spent at the board meeting. The other open records requests that were listed on January 16, 2017 and January 20, 2017 are minimal.