Public Comments March 13, 2017 – Chad Bestul

Public Comments at March 13, 2017 I-S Regular School Board Meeting – Chad Bestul

Please read the actual board emails here.

When I began looking for answers on the activity within the board, I was looking for decisions that were thorough.  I still have not found that evidence.  I have spent my time, my money, and mostly my good name in the pursuit of something that essentially would vindicate the board.  The sad truth is that I have gotten more answers outside of this district, than what I have from within our district.  I have found a great deal of actions that are questionable, or at least would lead to questions from the public, this is where our board has failed us.  While we may not have the legal backing, and possibly not a complete understanding of the law, that’s when the board should have stepped up with the districts attorney, which we are all paying for, to help explain the law.  Instead we have encountered nothing but resistance, resulting in request after request to get information.  In many of your responses, you advise that I request the county district attorney, or the attorney general to review the requests I have put in.  Does this board really want the district attorney, the attorney general, and the DPI to come in and review the boards actions?

Instead of the board being proactive, I find you constantly being reactive.  What does that say to the community you represent.  What does it say to the community organizations when they want to donate money to the district only to find turmoil over there donations.  How long before the trust of the Lions, Lioness, Krause Foundation, the tennis court association and the community is betrayed?

There are such bigger obligations you should have been dealing with, lack of freedom of students at the high school, school security, you have no district administrator, a referendum, and contract renewals. The tennis courts, the signs, the little things should be dealt with by committees, and then come to the full board for review.

We expect, that when problems do arise, they are dealt with directly, honestly, and openly so no person can accuse any board member of back room dealing, or snap judgment.  If the stand on the district administrator is matter of a contractual agreement, and nothing more can be said, then it should be said so.  If the board  is no longer willing to comment on this situation, then say so.  And mostly, if your heart is no longer in the position, and anger has taken you over in this position, then leave the position.  We want strong leaders who are willing to communicate to the people they represent.

I am very disappointed at the situation we find ourselves in.  I was raised here, I went to school here, my kids go here, and now my wife and I are faced with a decision to remove our kids from this district, not because of the faculty, but because I no longer trust the direction the board is going with our school, and your treatment to the public.

I have received my 3rd open records request regarding emails.  I am floored by the attitude of the members of this board, and the reaction you have in regards to a letter that a parent has written the board.

Mrs. Hoyord, you state you are “done being nice”

Mr. Wavruk, you state “Are they really looking out for the kids, or writing for some warped reality based cable show” you also stated in another email in regards to an unfavorable write up in the paper “I think we should really rethink who we want to deal with when reporting on our school and our official newspaper.”

Mr. Koles, you state “I know she and most others don’t understand all of the hours we put in, and certainly don’t understand that in the instances we are dealing with that the focus is indeed on our children, and they (i.e., our witch hunting friends) are inadvertently arguing for us to do the opposite”

And Mr. Koles my absolute favorite that you stated “although I would love to go nuts and wrestle in the mud, wrestling with a pig just gets everyone dirty”

If I continue to dig, how many more examples will I find of the boards lack of compassion, consideration, and integrity toward the public you serve.  If I continue to dig, how many conversations, and decisions exist within emails that you board members made regarding the administrator?  The relationship between the board and the public has clearly become toxic to the district, and community. I have also found in your emails clear violations of the open meetings law.

With the exception of Paul, and Adam, I respectfully ask that all other board members turn in their resignation immediately.



One thought on “Public Comments March 13, 2017 – Chad Bestul”

  1. In reading Chad’s response to the board he states that “In many of your responses, you advise that I request the county district attorney, or the attorney general to review the requests I have put in”. This is confusing to me. Is the board denying requests & asking Chad to contact the D.A.? The board has to be specific as to why they are denying a request & the denial has to be guided by what is allowed or not allowed by law. That burden of proof of the denial is NOT on the shoulders of the requester of open records. Is the attorney the one who is giving this advise? This just gets more and more troubling as I read what you have shared on here. Thanks.


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